Monday, November 3, 2008

Electoral Predictions

As the final tabulation of votes are revealed on Wednesday morning, I predict that Barack Obama will win the presidency of the United States by winning a total of 318 electoral votes-- including Florida.

The fatal flaws of the McCain campaign, IMO, were:

1.) Picking Sarah Palin, a woman who clearly lacks the foreign policy experience to be the Commander-in-Chief. If McCain really loves this country and cares about the safety of this country more than he wants the presidency, he certainly didn't show that by picking Palin as his VP nominee!

2.) McCain's failure to focus like a laser beam on the energy re-industrialization of America through both private and public investment in order to end our dependence on foreign oil and to create jobs here in America. McCain did best in his campaign and even in the debates when he talked about energy and especially nuclear energy even though I strongly disagree with him on off-shore drilling. It was a huge mistake, IMO, that he didn't make energy independence through nuclear and renewable energy the primary focus of his campaign.


3.) Trying to instill fear and division in America through negative campaigning with phrases like 'paling around with terrorist', 'socialist', folks at his rallies referring to Obama's middle name and screaming for Obama's death. Sorry but that's not what America is all about, or at least it shouldn't be about that.

But if for some tragic reason, McCain and Palin do win the White House, I'll pray (and I'm an atheist:-) for McCain's good health because a Palin presidency, IMO, would put this country and the rest of the world in an extremely dangerous situation thanks to her total lack of foreign experience. The woman got her first passport in 2006!

McCain's picking of Palin is simply an unforgivable act. Unforgivable!!!!

Marcel F. Williams


Rod Adams said...


You were right, but a little pessimistic. Congratulations. Now we have continued hard work to accomplish - namely making sure that people recognize just how progressive nuclear investments can be.

Marcel F. Williams said...
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Marcel F. Williams said...

The majority of Americans say that they want more nuclear power plants. And when we finally start using the off-peak power to manufacture gasoline and other hydrocarbon fuels, the American people are really going to want more nuclear power plants.

But President Obama is going to have to present the states with a serious solution to the-- political-- problem of nuclear waste storage. And I believe the the federal government should at least consider being a minority investor in utilities that want to build new nuclear power facilities.

By the way, your Atomic Insights Blog is simply excellent! Keep up the good work:-)

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