Monday, February 23, 2009

David Attenborough on the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

Links and References

Was the Swamp Ape Bipedal?

Marine Adaptations in Human Kidneys

Morphological Evidence of Marine Adaptations in Human Kidneys

Our Earliest African Ancestor

Desmond Morris on the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

Oreopithecus: Was the Swamp Ape a Human Ancestor?



Unknown said...

Excellent video caption which goes along way to demonstrating the validity of a rather perceptive theory.
I have been wondering too if the eating of algae (perfect brain food) in the African Rift Valley about 8 million years ago did not lead the first exploratory primates further towards the sea and to seaweed (washed, presumably as did the Macaque monkeys potatoes left on a sandy beach)also highly nutritious, and so, gradually perhaps onto plant like animals. Once having eaten 'meat' the further eating of meat would be a naturally accepted step! The argument that chimps also hunt could well be simply down to their propensity to 'ape' having seen 'humans' doing this!

Marcel F. Williams said...

The bipedal hominoid, Oreopithecus, lived this sort of existence for nearly two million years on the island of Tuscany-Sardinia just a few hundred thousand years before similar bipedal apes appeared in North Africa around the time when sea levels began to lower and Italy became connected to North Africa.

Chak said...

Very powerful video... so wading bipedalism is not a theoratical thing -- it's an actually happaning event!
Hi, i followed your post in bautforum to here, and i can recognize your name... a future e-book will have your article about kidney structure, and my article will be there too, which is about aquatic adaptations in human color vision.
I think internal structures like kidney and retina are powerful evidences, even better than comparison with aquatic mammals (too bad that convergent evolution is still largely unexplored in evolutionary science). I look forward to read your article there!

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