Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Haru Oni Project

Located in the southern Magallanes, Chile, wind turbines will be used by Siemens Energy and several other international compaies to produce e-Methanol. The electricity produced by the wind turbines will be used to convert water into hydrogen through electrolysis and to capture CO2 (carbon dioxide) directly from the atmosphere. The hydrogen and carbon dioxide will afterwards be synthesized into e-Methanol (renewable methanol).

The Haru Oni project will produce 750,000 liters of methanol per year by 2022 with 130,000 liters of e-Gasoline produced from the e-Methaol. And there are plans to increase the production of E-Gasoline to 55 million liters per year by the year by 2024 and over 550 million liters per year by the year 2026. 

Methanol can not only be converted into gasoline but also into dimethyl ether, a diesel fuel substitute and into a variety of jet fuels and aviation fuels. Methanol can be used to produce electricity in natural gas electric turbines cheaply modified to use the wood alcohol. Methanol is already being used to power ocean vessels that have been modified to use methanol 


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