Monday, January 3, 2011

70 Successful Space Launches in 2010

There were 70 successful space launches from Earth last year with 4 failures. Russia lead the way with 30 successful launches and just one failure. That failed launched caused Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev to fire two space officials: Russian space agency (Roscosmos) deputy head Viktor Remishevsky and Vyacheslav Filin, Vice President of the state controlled RKK Energia. The botched December 5 launch of a Proton-M booster rocket failed to reach its initial orbit causing three high-tech GLONASS-M navigation satellites to be dumped near the Hawaiian Islands.

China and the US were second in successful launches in 2010 with 15 successful launches each. But there was a decline in space launches from US soil last year over 2009 when the US launched 24 rockets successfully with just one failure. China, however, has increased its rate of rocket launches dramatically over 2009 when they only launched 6 rockets that successfully place objects into orbit.

Successful Space Launches in 2010

Russia - 30

United States - 15

Europe/Arianespace - 6

China - 15

Japan - 2

India - 1

Israel - 1

Successful Space Launches in 2009

Russia - 32

United States - 24

Europe/Arianespace - 7

China - 6

Japan - 3

India - 2

Iran - 1

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