Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boeing/Bigelow Space Capsule & Space Station


Robert F. Dorner said...

I feel this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Boeing/Bigelow combined with the endless rocket experiance of ULA's Atlas V and or Delta IV. A group of 8 could soon take a two week vacation in LEO or maybe a Lunar Orbit flyby. Sign me up!
Better yet, the low cost lunar excursion's could make Moon habitates much more affordable. Now
Lunar colonies are what I'm talking about! The stepping stone to our Solar system from the third stone from the Sun.

Marcel F. Williams said...

The only problem is its going to cost $20 million plus per customer!

Why should the tax payers provide money for an industry that only accommodates the wealthy?

That's why I advocate the Federal government starting a national and international space lotto system so that average Janes and Joes can also get a chance to fly into space. I believe that there are hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of people around the world who would be willing to spend a few dollars every year for a chance to fly into space!


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