Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Ares Alternative - Part 2: John Shannon's Side-mount shuttle presentation to the Augustine Commission

U.S. Human Space Flight Committee-Washington, DC Part 7 from U.S. HSF Committee on Vimeo.

A pdf slide show related to this Augustine Committee video can be found at the following URL:


Gaetano Marano said...


I'll talk about the Shuttle-C in one of my next suggestions to the HSF

now, I've just posted my suggestion #8 for the Human Space Flight Plans Committee and NASA:

"resize the Orion to 4.5 meters and its crew to three astronauts"


Marcel F. Williams said...

The most interesting thing about Shannon's lecture was that the development cost he estimated for the Side-mount concepts were only 6.5 billion. Development of the Ares 1 alone is estimated to cost between 30 and 40 billion. That's really not surprising, IMO, since the Side-mount concept continues to use most of the existing flight structure: the same expendable fuel tanks, the same solid rocket boosters, the same space shuttle main engines.

He also said that the first test flight for the Side-mount could be ready in just 4 and a half years! That means both the shuttle replacement and the heavy lift vehicle could be ready by 2015 if NASA began working on the Side-mount concept in 2010.

This concept saves billions of dollars could enable us to return to the Moon in 2016!

Eventually, I'd like to see the Ares V heavy lifter developed since it could place at least twice as much payload on the lunar surface as the Side-mount heavy lifter, per flight. But right now, I think the Side-mount concept is both the fastest and the cheapest way for humans to return to the Moon and set up a permanent base there.

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