Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Startech Garbage to Energy System

Links and References

Utilizing Renewable Methanol to Power Electric Commuter Aircraft

Deploying Ocean Nuclear Energy Flotillas into International Waters for the Carbon Neutral Production of Synthetic Fuels, Industrial Chemicals, and Fertilizers

Mitigating Forest Fires by Harvesting Potentially Hazardous Woodland Biomass for the Production of Renewable Methanol

 The Case for Remotely Sited Underwater Nuclear Reactors

 Renewable Methanol as Liquid Electricity

 Floating Nuclear Power Plants, Floating Power Barges, and Marine Methanol

 Siting Ocean Nuclear Power Plants in Remote US Territorial Waters for the Carbon Neutral Production of Synfuels and Industrial Chemicals


Jason Ribeiro said...

This technology is new to me so I'll have to read more about it. But I have to say that was a pretty cool demonstration!

Marcel F. Williams said...

A plasma arc incinerator is currently being built in St. Lucie County in Florida.

A lot more on this emerging technology can be found on Wikipedia at:


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