Sunday, December 28, 2008

NEW PAPYRUS: Top Ten Blog Post of the Year

There were many interesting and important blog articles posted on the world wide web in 2008 . So here at New Papyrus, I'm starting an annual tradition (between Christmas and New Years) of naming the top ten blog articles of 2008 posted at other blog sites.

Additionally, on New Years Eve, I will also list the top ten blogs posted here on New Papyrus in 2008.

So if you happened to miss these previously posted articles, here's your chance to discover some of the most interesting blogs of the year.

Top 10 blog articles on the web in 2008:

1. Ethanol Vs. Methanol
Patrick Takahashi

2. A Nuclear Plant that Uses Wastewater
NEI Nuclear Notes
Part 1

A Nuclear Plant That Uses Wastewater - News Video Style Part 2

3. Cousin Marriage OK by Science
WIRED Science

4. Professor Muller Lectures on Nuclear Safety and Waste
Pro Nuclear Democrats

5. Nuclear Energy Loses a Spokesman - Paul Newman Dies at 83

Atomic Insights Blog

6. Clean Energy from Wind?
Nuclear Green

7. China's Low $1565 per Kilowatt Nuclear Power Build Cost and new Cleaner Coal Plant
Next Big Future

8. TVA - there are some jobs the government must do
Idaho Samizdat: Nuke Notes

9. Wind Power:
Pro Nuclear Democrats Part 1

Wind Power:
Pro Nuclear DemocratsPart 2

10. President Bush on Nuclear Energy's Revival
NEI Nuclear Notes


Jason Ribeiro said...

Thanks for the honors Marcel! I shall be churning out some new articles soon as I've been having a holiday hiatus lately.

Marcel F. Williams said...

You're welcome! And I look forward to reading them.

2009 is going to be an exciting year as far as our future energy is concerned. So there should be plenty to write about!

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