Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Voyage of Charles Darwin

Fundamentally, science is about discovering the underlying simplicity behind the mystery and complexity of phenomena. And Charles Darwin did just that when he discovered that the diversity of plant and animal species on Earth and the morphological change in plant and animal species found in the fossil record was predominantly due to biological evolution through natural selection.

 The Voyage of Charles Darwin was a BBC biographical miniseries that was originally hosted by astronaut Neil Armstrong when it was first broadcast in the US on PBS.  Its a magnificent reflective journey by Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle, a journey, of course, which later helped Darwin to develop his theory of 'Evolution through Natural Selection'.

The Voyage of Charles Darwin (Episode 1):

The Voyage of Charles Darwin (Episode 2):

The Voyage of Charles Darwin (Episode 3):

The Voyage of Charles Darwin (Episode 4):

The Voyage of Charles Darwin (Episode 5):


The Voyage of Charles Darwin (Episode 6 & 7):

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

DARPA's Jet Fighter Satellite Launch Concept


Artist concept of Jet Fighter carrying a rocket capable of placing a 100lb satellite into orbit. (Credit: DARPA)

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Airborne Launch Assist Space Access (ALASA)

ALASA Wikipedia

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Destination Moon

glennwsmith said... Very nice, Marcel. This is one of the most beautifully put together, forward-looking, and yet also understated videos which I've yet seen from a major space agency -- and it just goes to show that there's a lot of good material out there if you know where to find it.

G. W. (Glenn) Smith


Stena Line to Covert Passenger Ferry to a Methanol Fueled Sea Vessel

michael jordan said...

Stena Germanica RoPax ferry is the first commercial marine vessel to run on Methanol.It is the largest ferry in the Nordic region and second biggest Ro-Pax ferry in the world.For this overall project cost comes to nearly $25.5m.It measures 240m long and 29m wide and lane metres of 3,907m.It is going to accommodate 300 cars and 1,300 passengers and freight capacity of 46,353t.