Thursday, December 27, 2012

In Honor of the Late Great Gerry Anderson



Paul said...

Loved Gerry Anderson shows as a child. Compare the special effects in Thunderbirds with those in Dr Who at the same time unbelievable what he did with the limited budget.

Just in passing have you ever noticed the resemblance between Fireball XL5 and the HOTOL project (including a similar launch).

Marcel F. Williams said...

I loved the thrilling high tech realism that Gerry Anderson's aerospace vehicles had on his shows.

They were simply amazing!

It was nice to grow up at a time when most people seemed to believe in a positive technological future.


jimwg said...

RIP to a TV pioneer up there with Gene Roddenberry and Quinn Martin. His shows were bright spots in the late sixties and took the kiddie out of puppets that adults could unabashedly enjoy (particularly Captain Scarlet). It's a travesty that TB remakes mangled the concept so! (Would've loved to seen a kind of NBC-TV's "Emergency" show done TB style!) I drafted a high school book report in 1969 about what real-life contemporary vehicles and equipment exists that would be functional equivalents of International Rescue gear. It'd be fun if someone did that today! Outside the hokey plot, I was pleasantly surprised at UFO's dramatic values, and that for me really carried the show.

Gerry, always remember your magic!

Have a Happy New Year All!

James Greenidge

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