Sunday, February 20, 2011

Secretary Chu Discusses the Future of Small Nuclear Reactors


RobbDee said...

Secretary Chu sounds like he has his figure on the pulse of our countries future energy demands. Plus, the additional comment on export I love it ! My only worry would be with a larger amount reactors around the planet would it make weapons grade material (Dirty Bombs) easier to obtain? Anyway, the good news, let's think of improved energy source for VASIMR and NTR's.

Marcel F. Williams said...

If the US is going to completely replace the fossil fuel economy by 2050, we're probably going to need at least ten of thousands of these small nuclear reactors in order to produce carbon neutral electricity and transportation fuels.

So we're probably going to have to produce over 200 of these small reactors every year, on average, for domestic use over the next 40 years. And that should create a lot of domestic jobs all over the country for several decades. So there is going to be a substantial amount of domestic demand for these reactors.

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