Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Few environmentalist seriously address the serious environmental and economic problem of overpopulation. Below is an excellent and important February BBC article on this critical subject by John Feeney. The numerous responses to the problem of overpopulation in this article are also very interesting:


Population: The elephant in the room

John Feeney

Uncontrolled population growth threatens to undermine efforts to save the planet, warns John Feeney. In this week's Green Room, he calls on the environmental movement to stop running scared of this controversial topic.

It's the great taboo of environmentalism: the size and growth of the human population.

It has a profound impact on all life on Earth, yet for decades it has been conspicuously absent from public debate.

Most natural scientists agree our growing numbers and our unchecked impact on the natural environment move us inexorably toward global calamities of unthinkable severity.


Emilio said...

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Marcel F. Williams said...

Thank you Emilio!

Marcel F. Williams said...

The best way to deal with global overpopulation is to provide a quality education for every child on Earth and full employment for every adult individual on Earth. This would not only slow population growth but would also increase economic growth.

Anonymous said...

There are so many skeptics out there with loud voices and no evidence.
I find in reading those sites that say that population problems are a myth that their evidence is very sparse and inconclusive. Recently I read Book 1 of the free e-book series "In Search of Utopia" (, it blasts their lack of evidence relative to their calling overpopulation a myth. The book, actually the last half of the book, takes on the skeptics in global warming, overpopulation, lack of fresh water, lack of food, and other areas where people deny the evidence. I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to see the whole picture read the book, at least the last half.
The outdated fertility replacement rate of 2.1 is also clarified.

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