Friday, October 22, 2010

Moon Collision Finds More Water

Scientists Contemplate Water Factory on the Moon

Whose Moon bases..?

“Witches’ Brew”

LRO Supports Historic Lunar Impact Mission

Lunar Impact Uncovered More Than Just Moon Water

The Moon Is Full of Useful Stuff - Let's Go Use It


Rocketman said...

I wonder if they sat on this data until it was confirmed that Constellation was killed?

Marcel F. Williams said...

Actually, the Augustine Commission was informed about the water resources at the lunar poles. But they hardly uttered the world Moon base. So the fix was probably in:-)

Boldly proposing a Moon Base program is the only thing that's going to help Obama win Florida in 2012, IMO. Obama could easily frame his former opposition to returning to the Moon as opposition to the Constellation's Apollo redux program but not to a Moon base program.

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