Monday, June 28, 2010

South Park's View of Obama's NASA Plan


Douglas Mallette said...

lmao, sad and true all at the same time.

Marcel F. Williams said...

I had such high hopes for Charlie Bolden and President Obama on this issue!

But Congress appears to be a lot more rational on this issue. If we manage to start building a shuttle derived HLV now and have it ready by 2017 then all the next administration would have to do is fund the development of a lunar lander. That shouldn't cost more than $6 to $12 billion to develop over a 5 to 7 year period.

Norman Copeland said...

I think the communication is terrible between the public sector and government, but, hopefully the national leaders have the opportunity to clarify situations when the wheelie rubbish bins do the talking.

Stash the trash 2010!!!

Marcel F. Williams said...

We're still in a political civil war in this country about the proper role of government. And this civil war is destroying the American economy.

The problem with the right and the left on this issue is that they view it as a battle between big government and small government when its actually a problem of bad government programs vs good government programs and efficient government programs vs inefficient government programs.

Ironically, NASA is one of the good government programs than actually produces more wealth than it consumes.

Many on the right, to their chagrin, actually recognize this. But there are still those on the right who may hate NASA because it destroys the myth that all government is bad.

There is also segment on the left that strongly believe in government programs as long as its not something that they consider wasteful like military spending and manned spaceflight.

Most politicians, on the other hand, tend to like the symbol of a manned space program rather than actually have it do something because all of that beyond LEO stuff appears to be science fiction to them!

Norman Copeland said...

Observing balance is a multi lateral proletarian gift, a politicians gift is the observation of a unilateral linar.

Rocketman said...

I just wanted to thank you for linking to my site and showing the South Park video. I have done other posts about Obama's "space" plan that you are more than welcome to share. is my entire space category.

Be safe and well.

Marcel F. Williams said...

You run a very interesting blog Rocketman!

Rocketman said...

Thank you! I originally started the blog to update family and friends about our misadventures in our RV after I was laid off from Kennedy Space Center, and it has grown far beyond I ever imagined. I feel humbled and grateful for all the visitors from all around the world.

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