Thursday, September 29, 2011

Passive Auxiliary Cooling System for Commercial Nuclear Power Plants

The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute of South Korea on Thursday claimed that they have developed the first-- passive-- auxiliary feedwater system for automatically cooling a reactor core in the event of a total power black out from both the grid and from emergency power back up systems. If the system had been installed at a commercial nuclear power facility such as the facility at Fukushima, Japan, they claim that it would have been able to cool the power plant despite the total loss of electricity to the facility.

“We completed the first performance test on PASF. We can export this device that dramatically increases safety at nuclear plants,” said Baek Won-pil, head of the nuclear energy research division at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute.


New device keeps nuclear plants safe amid blackout


Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute


plumbing said...

Since nuclear fission creates radioactivity, the reactor core is surrounded by a protective shield. This containment absorbs radiation and prevents radioactive material from being released into the environment.

English Songs said...

It does not matter how up todate the reactors are, one quake or tsunami and it wont survive.

No reactors are truely safe and you damn well know it!

anthing that could wipe out millions if it breaks can never be a good thing!

Marcel F. Williams said...

Radiation from the Fukushima reactors did not kill anyone. Radiation from the Three Mile Island Reactors did not kill anyone.

And since melt downs are so incredibly slow in happening there is almost always time for individuals to move away from the immediate area.

I think you've been watching too much science fiction!

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